• Young Apprentice (canvas print)

Young Apprentice (canvas print)


The original painting was done as part of a series to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Pottery Industry. I have seen lots of great art showing industrial scenes but I wanted to get inside the buildings and focus on the people. I love colour and by using a technique that combines both acrylics and watercolour I was able to capture a warmth in the paintings that depicts not just the warmth of the industry itself but also the warmth of the people. The use of a window in each of the paintings casts light on the main characters.

Its now available as this canvas print in a variety of sizes…printed to order…

A second original version is also available if you prefer…



A high quality digital print using a 12 colour fine art printing process that produces a vibrant image.

Professionally stretched over a narrow edge box canvas ready to hang directly on your wall.

Printed to order.

The print can be treated with a protective coating for extra durability that helps prevent marking and fading, the coating is also water resistant providing a wipeable surface so is an ideal choice for canvases that will be placed in the kitchen or bathroom. Add this to your basket below or at checkout

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