… a little about me

I’m a UK artist based in Staffordshire…a wife…a mum and having recently turned 50 am excited about this next stage of my life…

I’ve been painting professionally now for a while as well as teaching what I know to willing participants in weekly classes and workshops. I love to see my students flourish both in terms of their skills and their confidence…seeing them develop as artists keeps me motivated and inspired.

For me a painting is a very personal thing both in its creation and when choosing to buy one…it’s important it means something to you especially if you’re going to live with it on your wall for a while. I think that’s why I love painting commissions…when I can capture a moment on canvas that ultimately creates an emotion in someone else, a chance for that person to relive a memory of a place or time that’s special to them. It feels like creating a little piece of magic…

I love colour and the way light is expressed in paintings. I love experimenting with different techniques and playing with new materials, seeing the marks they make on the surface…for me each painting seems to dictate its ‘own’ style, a style that’s unique to the subject, telling its own individual story not just through the objects you see in it but through the colour used and the actual way it’s painted. I think that’s why my work is so varied

At the moment I feel a shift happening with my work…my passion for portraits is growing with each one I do and I want to develop this skill further…I’m also enjoying playing with some semi-abstract landscapes seeing the colours and marks that are emerging…exciting times.

This creative journey is ever-changing and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds…

Happy Customers

  • Beth Wyatt

    “I have been attending Jo Watson’s ‘Art for Relaxation’ classes for a number of years now and she is a very inspiring and competent artist who makes her classes fun, informative and a joy to be part of.”

  • Jenny Wallbanks

    “Jo’s Art classes wholeheartedly value and encourage individual styles. The freedom to experiment with different techniques / mediums is so enjoyable and confidence building , with Jo’s expert eye and helpful suggestions always making for a very rewarding work of art.”

  • Sean

    “I commissioned Jo for an original painting which far exceeded all of my expectations, and which now hangs proudly in my home for all to see. An artist not only with flair, but natural talent. Thank you.”

  • 22

    “I have known of the work of Jo Watson since being given one of her prints as a present some time ago. The print was one of series she has produced based on Stoke City Football Club. I feel she has a real flare which shows in the design and execution of her work.”

  • Bob

    “Jo managed to turn a family photograph ​into a brilliant painting for us that now hangs in my son and daughters-in-laws house. Every time I see the painting I feel tears forming. As the painting progressed through its phases Jo sent photos to make sure we would be happy, and built in any changes that we suggested.”

  • Diane

    “Last March, renowned local Artist Jo Watson gave a talk on art for our Conservative Ladies Luncheon whilst also creating the above painting. Jo then donated the painting to us which was raffled with the proceeds being donated to the Alzheimer’s Society. This was both an entertaining occasion and was enjoyed by all.”

  • Mauritius

    “I commissioned Jo Watson to paint a scene from one of our family holidays. This was a present for my husband’s 50th birthday. The painting was fabulous. It captured our memories well.

    The service Jo provides is excellent and very efficient. I would definitely recommend commissioning Jo to paint for you.”

  • Natasha

    “Jo’s artwork is amazing, she has a unique talent. Her paintings have a vibrancy whilst capturing the delicacy and detail needed. I have purchased a number of products, including cushions and washbags and they have been of the highest quality. I would definitely recommend Jo’s artwork and products.”

  • Kelly

    “I came across Jo on the Trentham Talking Facebook page and fell in love with one of her paintings. A deer in the woods with a shimmer to it too! It was lovely to message her and went round to view the picture. My little girl came with me and she made herself at home whilst I looked at some of Jo’s work. I loved her work and Jo was lovely to talk with. Came away with 2 pictures! Which look fab in my living room.”

  • Trixie

    “The portrait of Trixie was a unique and very personalised gift for my brothers 60th. Jo managed to capture her essence from a few photos a fantastic present for anyone who loves their dog.”

  • Deb Pursell

    “My son Adam was absolutely bowled over by the painting Jo did for us. He couldn’t stop looking at it…well it is spectacular! Thank you for making his 21st even more special.”

  • Jaki

    “After admiring Jo’s work at the Wedgwood Art Fair we commissioned her to do a painting for us. During a brief consultation at our home our thoughts and memories came tumbling out of our heads onto Jo’s notepad then off she went to put paint to canvas. Less than a month later, after keeping us informed at every stage, she presented us with our memories in paint. It’s called ‘What does the future hold‘ and whilst it means nothing to anyone else to us it means everything.”